Swallowing Problems

Difficulty in swallowing, also known as dysphagia, is a common condition affecting all age groups, especially the elderly. It is commonly related to benign, temporary conditions, and rarely represents a serious disease, such as a tumour or a progressive neurological disorder. However, it is important to investigate, to rule out […]

Throat Discomfort

A large number of conditions cause discomfort in the throat. Treatment depends on the cause of the discomfort. The common conditions of throat discomfort are mentioned below: Pharyngitis Laryngitis Allergic rhinitis Tonsillitis Acid reflux Mucous dripping at the back of the nose condition called post nasal drip, due to allergy […]

Tonsils and Surgery

Tonsils And Their Function Tonsils are small glands and are a part of the immune system. They fight germs in young children. After the age of about three years, and repeated infections the tonsils become less important in fighting germs, and sometimes can be the cause of infections. Why Take […]

Voice and Hoarseness

A wide range of conditions can lead to voice problems. Voice problems that persist beyond two weeks without any signs of improvement should be investigated. The most common reasons of hoarseness and vocal difficulties are discussed as below: Acute Laryngitis This is the most common cause of hoarseness and voice […]

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