Dizziness and Vertigo (Balance Services)

What Is Vertigio? A sensation of rotation or movement of one’s self or of one’s surroundings in any plane is called vertigo. It is often used synonymously with dizziness. Consequently there are a large number of conditions that can result in dizziness or vertigo and malfunction of the inner ears […]

Ear Infections and Earache

Ear infections are very common affecting both children and adults Common symptoms include: Earache, which sometimes can be severe Hearing loss and occasionally noise in the ear Imbalance/dizziness with the sensation of nausea which maybe troublesome Discharge from the ear Blocked and/or pressure sensation in the ear Causes and Site […]

Hearing Problems and Deafness

Hearing loss can affect people of any age. One in six adults experience some degree of hearing loss, which increase to three in four above the age of 75. Children are commonly affected as a result of glue ear, but some are born with hearing loss (congenital). Hearing loss may […]

Noise in the Ear – Tinnitus

What is Tinnitus Tinnitus is a common condition when patients hear noises in their ears or their heads Facts about Tinnitus It is estimated that approximately 30% – 40% of the population will suffer from tinnitus at some point in their life and it is more commonly associated with hearing […]

Prominent Ear Surgery

The Problem Most prominent ears lack a normal fold of cartilage. Sometimes other parts may be affected, and one ear may be worse than the other. Children with prominent ears are often teased at school. Adults are often conscious of their ears and tend to cover them with different hairstyles. […]

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