How can I book an appointment with a consultant?

Please call our medical secretary on 07453 881588 / 01689 490119 or email your request for an appointment to and this will be confirmed within one working day. Alternatively you can call any of our clinics direct to make an appointment (please find full details on our contact page).


Can I be treated if I live overseas or am not a UK resident?

Yes, you can be treated if you are an overseas patient or a non-UK resident. You would need to have funds in place to guarantee treatment. This would be either a self-funding method or via a recognised insurance company. If self-funding on most occasions, fees are payable on the day at the hospital/clinic.


Do I need to have private medical insurance to be treated?

No, you can self-fund for treatment. With some insurance companies we require a letter of guarantee and this will need to be presented in advance of treatment. All authorisation numbers need to be given in advance of treatment to our medical secretary.


Will I need a GP referral?

No, not always, you can also self refer. However, your insurance company may not authorise payment for your treatment if you self refer. You will have to speak directly to them to confirm prior to consultation or treatment commencing. If they do not authorise, you would be responsible for any patient fees incurred.


How can I check my appointment date and time?

You can ring our secretary to check your appointment details; if you are not able to reach us and need the information urgently, please do call the hospital outpatient department where your appointment has been scheduled.


What if I am unable attend my appointment?

If you are unable to attend your appointment you can ring our secretary or call the Hospital Outpatient Department directly. Please ensure to give at least 24 hours notice. Unfortunately, if we
do not received notification of cancellation and you do not arrive for your appointment you will be billed for the missed appointment.

PRACTICE MANAGER: Chelsea Fulton 07534 771264 MEDICAL SECRETARY: Karen Harris 07453 881588
CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS: Enso House Crayfields Business Park, 3 New Mill Road, Orpington BR5 3TW | Tel: 01689 490119 | Fax: 01689 873221