Ageing Face – What Can Be Done?

The face undergoes characteristic changes as we age, predominantly influenced by gravity, sun exposure, facial muscle activity, soft tissue maturation, loss of muscle mass and decrease and descent of facial fat and interaction of the skin and soft tissues with a changing skeletal structure.   Most people assess these changes, […]

Facial Skin Cancer

Who is at risk from skin cancer People who have already had a skin cancer or pre-cancerous conditions Above average sun exposure (natural or artificial i.e. sunbeds) Fair skin that tends to burns easily Light coloured eyes, e.g. blue, grey or hazel Naturally blonde or red hair Numerous freckles An […]

Lumps and Bumps

There are a number of conditions that cause lumps and bumps to appear on the face, neck as well as the scalp. The following are very common: Skin cysts Epidermoid cysts Folliculitis Keratoacanthoma Pilar cyst Lipomas Neurofibromas Skin cancers appearing as lumps and bumps Often it is difficult to ascertain […]

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