London ENT Associates practice provides innovative and state of the art care for all Ear, Nose and Throat (otorhinolaryngology) conditions, Head and Neck Surgery and Aesthetic Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, including skin cancer surgery and complex revision surgery of the nose and face.

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    Ear infections are very common affecting both children and adults. '
    A blocked nose is a very common condition. The severity of the nasal blockage varies with each individual. '
    A sinus headache is a constant, throbbing pain felt in the face (around the eyes, cheeks and forehead) '
    From glue ear to prominent ear surgery, children's procedures. '

Our team of surgeons have special expertise in their area of special interest with Professor D’Souza providing nose, sinus and facial surgery services, Professor Kanegaonker specialising in all ear conditions including dizziness, hearing loss and tinnitus etc. Professor Vaz providing care in thyroid, salivary gland, throat and all head and neck cancer conditions.

Please also note that all our surgeons have extensive experience in general ENT conditions as detailed on this website, and work on an inter-subspeciality referral basis to ensure you are always provided with the best medical care.

Here at London ENT Associates our ethos is to provide an informative and professional service to all patients, in a safe environment – Patient safety is, and will always be our primary objective. We strive to make your experience as seamless, smooth and stress free as possible. You will also benefit from our constant desire to innovate, perform research, and thus improve our services.

Should you or your family require medical or surgical treatment, our clinics are conveniently based in and around the London and Kent area. We also welcome and accept patient referrals from the UK and Worldwide and are affiliated with all major insurers

PRACTICE MANAGER: Chelsea Fulton 07534 771264 MEDICAL SECRETARY: Karen Harris 07453 881588
CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS: Enso House Crayfields Business Park, 3 New Mill Road, Orpington BR5 3TW | Tel: 01689 490119 | Fax: 01689 873221